About - Teri Walizer Photography

Digital Marketing Services


I'm excited to announce that I have joined the team at Ribbit Digital Design, LLC, providing digital marketing services, photography, and professional writing services that include:

- Photo editing.

- Process documentation.

- Content writing for any communication.

- Video scriptwriting.

- LinkedIn profile writing assistance.

- Content research.

- Professional forms designer and creator.

I am blessed to work with two other talented women (Robin and Vickie) who have some pretty amazing talents when it comes to video editing, web design, project management, analytical reporting, and just about everything in between. We are a team of women creatives who've joined forces and pooled our talents to maximize our creativity for our clients.

To learn more about Team Ribbit and our areas of expertise, hop on over to Ribbit Digital Design, LLC. As professional gap-fillers, no project is too small, so feel free to reach out to us for your next marketing project. 

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